Black Swan Bookshop stocking 'L is for Sayers'

I just learned the play 'L is for Sayers' by Victoria Nelson, which I did the front cover for as part of a redesign, is available from Black Swan Books located at 4236 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, CA 94611.

I love the thought of something I was involved in sitting in an awesome Indy bookshop on the other side of the world. I tried getting directions just to work out the distance but all I got was "Driving directions are not available for a route of this length". 
Drive? As if. I was going to get the bus!

And here's what Victoria had to say about working with me on this project:
“I am truly delighted with the results of my collaboration with Kura! Thank you again Kura for a wonderful design! When I opened that package today and saw the cover and the colors it literally took my breath away. It is so beautiful! Thank you again so much for your kind assistance.”
- Victoria Nelson (USA)
Playwright of L is for Sayers 

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