'Isemen' Release Date To Be Announced Soon

Dublin based author Giuseppe Tortorici has just let me know that is his debut crime novel 'Isemen' which I did the cover for recently has gone into production at the publishers and will out very soon - but until then the cover remains under wraps. :)

'Isemen' is being published in Italy (and therefore written in Italian) through Albatros. You can find their website HERE.

However, if like me you can't read Italian, you can still read the publishers website by doing a Google search for 'Gruppo Albatros IlFilo' and then select  the Translate option.


  1. Congratulations Kura!

  2. Anonymous10:36

    Will It be available on Amazon?

    Amazon automatically translate texts. I know my books sell On Amazon in French, Italian, German and Spanish.

    1. Shirley, I believe it's a print version being published.

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