Saturday, January 19

"A Baltic Affair" - launched and sets sale

See what I did there? Sail/sale. Anyhoo, it's with great pleasure I can display the cover of "A Baltic Affair" which I designed for author Patrick G. Cox a while back.

I had a great time working on it, and I'm super pleased with the finished artwork. Do you like the sunset? That's from a photo I took when I lived in Rarotonga. Good times. No, the ship wasn't there! Hello, Photoshop skills.

So all the best to Patrick as he launches his latest book to the world. You can learn more about it on his blog, where he's created a handy list of places you can purchase it from HERE.

"A Baltic Affair" author: Pat G Cox, cover designer: Kura Carpenter,


  1. Love the cover! The map in the background adds an extra edge.

  2. Thanks Kura, both for the post here and for the superb artwork. The cover looks absolutely superb with an 'antique' matt finish to it.