Self Publishing Resource: SPA Girls Podcast

Today I'm sharing a new (to me) helpful Podcast about self-publishing: the Self Publishing Authors Podcast, aka the SPA Girls Podcast.

The Self-publishing Authors Podcast is a New Zealand based group of Romance and Urban Fantasy writers who have, or are about to, venture down the self-publishing route, and each Monday they share their tips and experiences.


Join the SPA Girls at the Self Publishing Authors Podcast each week for a new episode full of helpful tips and insighful tales.

To get you started here's a couple of episodes that I recommend:
  • Firstly, there's no avoiding the giant that pretty much rules self-publishing: Amazon. Learn about Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and much more in SPA Girls Podcast episode #24 All about Amazon
  •  As an author (self-publishing or traditional) looking to promote yourself on Facebook you need to know the difference between Facebook's standard profile and an author page. Didn't know there was a difference? Check out SPA Girls Podcast episode #4 Facebook for Beginners
  •  If you're considering trying out self-publishing it's often helpful (and inspirational) to hear other's experiences, I really enjoyed when they interviewed SPA Girls member: Trudi Jaye, to discuss her journey into self-publishing in podcast episode #19 Interview with Trudi Jaye
  • Cover Design being close to my heart, my favourite episode to date is their Podcast #43 How to get a great Book Cover Design - quite probably because I agree with what they say! - see my book cover essentials check list below. 

Book Cover Design essentials check list
So what are you waiting for? Jump right in by visiting the SPA Girls Podcast Website 

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