News: Kiwi Urban Fantasy "The Kingfisher's Debt" on Pre-order

Graphic design and writing are two of my passions and I'm thrilled to announce that my New Zealand Urban Fantasy novel "The Kingfisher's Debt" described as "Wellington Paranormal meets Outrageous fortune" is available on Pre-order until 10 August 2018 for paperback copies from my publisher IFWG Australia HERE

The Kingfisher's Debt by Kura Carpenter
Kura Carpenter The Kingfisher's Debt #DunedinMagic
Official release is the end of September 2018 and ebooks will be available then also.

And if you haven't heard of Wellington Paranormal or Outrageous fortune well then I guess...
"The Kingfisher's Debt" is a fast-paced, humorous first-person mystery about a woman whose family are all car-thieves with supernatural powers and she is forced to work with the Dunedin police to solve community crimes in order to repay her debt to society."

The Kingfisher's Debt by Kura Carpenter
The Kingfisher's Debt by Kura Carpenter, Kiwi Urban Fantasy #DunedinMagic

"New Zealand Urban Fantasy The Kingfisher's Debt is like Wellington Paranormal meets Outrageous Fortune in a book about Dunedin"