Guest Blogger Appearance

I was fortunate enough to be invited as the Guest Blogger on Shirley Wine's blog over the weekend to discuss how I go about designing book covers. You can read my interview HERE

'Isemen' Release Date To Be Announced Soon

Dublin based author Giuseppe Tortorici has just let me know that is his debut crime novel 'Isemen' which I did the cover for recently has gone into production at the publishers and will out very soon - but until then the cover remains under wraps. :)

'Isemen' is being published in Italy (and therefore written in Italian) through Albatros. You can find their website HERE.

However, if like me you can't read Italian, you can still read the publishers website by doing a Google search for 'Gruppo Albatros IlFilo' and then select  the Translate option.

'Reed Butler's Story' released on Amazon

Just heard from James E Thomas that his ebook novel 'Reed Butler's Story' that I custom designed the book cover of earlier this year is now available as an ebook HERE on Amazon.

When I first read the subtitle for this story: "Cowboys, Vampires, Zombies and the Power of God", I just knew I had to do that cover! It sounded like a lot of fun.

Well, maybe not the zombies. I'm scared of zombies.

Dunedin Writers' Workshop Recruitment Posters

In my non-cover related graphic projects I've been working on some posters to encourage new members to join the Dunedin Writers' Workshop, a writing group established in Dunedin in 1971. I've created 2 posters, both based on old military recruitment campaigns, which will eventually be displayed in the local libraries and bookshops.
Original 'Enlist in the Waves'

DWW Recruitment - 'Enlist in the DWW'

For the 2nd poster I conbined elements of 2 posters encouraging men to join the navy:

DWW Recruitment - 'Man the Pens!'

Guest blogger

As the sun sets and the long Easter weekend draws to a close, I'm looking forward to my list of projects this week - including being interviewed on Shirley Wine's blog to discuss cover design.

Black Swan Bookshop stocking 'L is for Sayers'

I just learned the play 'L is for Sayers' by Victoria Nelson, which I did the front cover for as part of a redesign, is available from Black Swan Books located at 4236 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, CA 94611.

I love the thought of something I was involved in sitting in an awesome Indy bookshop on the other side of the world. I tried getting directions just to work out the distance but all I got was "Driving directions are not available for a route of this length". 
Drive? As if. I was going to get the bus!

And here's what Victoria had to say about working with me on this project:
“I am truly delighted with the results of my collaboration with Kura! Thank you again Kura for a wonderful design! When I opened that package today and saw the cover and the colors it literally took my breath away. It is so beautiful! Thank you again so much for your kind assistance.”
- Victoria Nelson (USA)
Playwright of L is for Sayers