"Deviants and the Divine" ebook Released for sale

"Deviants and the Divine" by author Wade Crawford, which I was involved in the custom book cover design work, has been released on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as an ebook - and judging from the rave reviews, it's doing very well.
I started work on the this project several months ago, suggesting a theme of using local graffiti for the cover. I went around my town and I found a lot of interesting images, but eventually Wade settled on an artwork by graffiti artist Eelus and was part of a mural art show in Europe.

Kura is clearly and outstanding designer, but what really sets her apart is her patience and her dedication to creating the ideal final product. We went through countless revisions and she readily incorporated all of my feedback and offered her own brilliant ideas. I can't say enough about how great is was to work with her.
- Wade Crawford (USA)
Author of Deviants and the Divine