"Jack Marlin" by Victoria Nelson

"Jack Marlin, Private Eye" - author: Victoria Nelson, cover designer: Kura Carpenter - http://kuracarpenterdesign.blogspot.co.nz/
I know I've done a good job when I get repeat business from my authors, and so I was thrilled that Victoria Nelson hired me again to custom design the cover for her screenplay "Jack Marlin, Private Eye: The Case of the Barbary Blackbird".

'Jack Marlin' is a tribute to the work of Raymond Chandler and is subtitled as being a Modern-day penny dreadful. It sounds like a lot of fun and I'm intrigued by the whole concept.

Victoria (who has a Masters in Literature!!!) was kind enough to send me several copies of 'Jack Marlin' along with the play "L is for Sayers" which I also did the custom cover design for earlier this year. Thank You, Victoria!

In the flesh, books by Victoria Nelson, Cover designer: Kura Carpenter - http://kuracarpenterdesign.blogspot.co.nz/

And here's what Victoria said about working with me:

"Working with Kura is an absolute pleasure! She is multi-talented, scholarly, personable and possesses a lovely sense of humor. She is also astute and conscientious about her work and professional relationships with clients.
The first time I worked with Kura, she assisted me with a redesign of my book cover for a stage play celebrating the life and writing of Dorothy L. Sayers. Her approach to the project and the suggestions she made not only demonstrated a sensitivity to my vision but also mastery of her craft.
I have just completed my second project with Kura which was to create a front and back book cover for an animation film script. Again, I was delighted at her versatility and the ease with which she was able to accommodate my vision and make wonderful contributions to the work. I look forward to working with Kura again and I give her my very highest recommendation. " 
 - Victoria Nelson (USA)
Scriptwriter of  “Jack Marlin, Private Eye: The Case of the Barbary Blackbird

Tentacles a-go go!

Steam Press have posted a sneak peak of the cover I custom designed for "Tropic of Skorpeo" by NZ author Michael Morrissey over on their website...

Tropic of Skorpeo, author Michal Morrissey, Publisher Steam Press, Cover designer Kura Carpenter
Tropic of Skorpeo, author Michal Morrissey, Publisher Steam Press,
Cover designer Kura Carpenter

"Working with Kura was brilliant – I had a complicated novel that had completely stymied me when it came to designing a cover myself, but after bouncing a few emails back and forth with Kura it was clear that she really got it.
A couple of days later and she had sent me a set of awesome concepts, all of which were a different take on the novel, and all of which would have been perfect.
The final version is going to kick arse, and the author is over the moon about it (when I showed him the concepts, his response was "TERRIFIC!!!!!!"). The books stores aren't going to know what hit them..."
- Stephen Minchin, (NZ)
Publisher, Steampress 
Recommendation in reference to "Tropic of Skorpeo", by Michael Morrissey.

"A Baltic Affair" - Cover under wraps

Every cover I create I find myself thinking, that's my favorite cover yet! And if I do say so myself, my latest effort for author Patrick G Cox's YA historical romance titled "A Baltic Affair" sure is pretty :)

But as it's not out for release just yet, it gets the old 'paper bag' treatment. Also known as: I know something you don't know...

I had the pleasure of working with Pat last year on a Sci-fi design, so I was very pleased me had confidence in getting me to do this historical project. You can read a bit more about Pat's novel, and what he had to say about working with me over on his blog HERE

I'll also be interviewing Pat when "A Baltic Affair" is launched.